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Smartphone and Tablet 10 Day Repair Course

Maurizio Fuduli

Maurizio Fuduli has been in the Computer and Phone repair industry for over 15 years. Through his extensive experience he has mastered the art of repair and diagnostics. Maurizio has his network plus and A+ certifications and experience with security cameras and Micro soldering. He has helped the WeFixPhonesNY and Phone Parts Distributors team grow their retail locations along with developing their wholesale division. After several years repairing THOUSANDS of Apple, Android, tablets and computers, Maurizio has been appointed as the head of training for Phone Repair Training.

Course Overview

This Course introduces students to the emerging field of mobile device repairs. It covers the fundamentals of iPhone,iPad and Samsung Repairs. Topics include Screen and LCD Replacements, Battery Replacements, Charging Port Replacements & Power/ Volume Flex Cables Replacement

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